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Commission TOS

By commissioning me, you automatically agree to my terms of service.



  • The artist has the right to refuse a commission inquiry for any reason
  • Commission inquiries and communication over e-mail only.
  • The client and the artist communicate in a respectful and professional manner. Disrespectful behaviour leads to the cancelation of the commission.


  • The customer receives an individual quote they agree to pay
  • Payment is due upfront via PayPal Invoice (PayPal fee is included in the quote) or Stripe (5% discount)
  • Quote & payment are issued in EURO €


  • The client receives a WIP (Work in progress image) at each major stage of the drawing.
  • Additional WIP can be requested by the client beforehand
  • Revisions must be asked for within 48 hours of receiving a WIP
  • Max. 3 free revisions in total, unless the artist is at fault
  • Every additional revision costs between 5 – 15 €, depending on the amount of work


  • Refunds are dependent on the current state of the artwork.
  • Sketch stage: 80 %
  • Lineart stage: 40 %
  • Colour stage: 10 %
  • Full refund, if the artist cancels the commission for a reason unrelated to the client


  • The copyright of the artwork remains with the artist. The client receives usage rights.
  • The artist may use the artwork for promotion/portfolio/advertisement and upload the image to his social media and galleries
  • The artist may create prints or stickers of the design, if the client has agreed beforehand
  • The client may upload the image to their social media, galleries and other websites
  • The client may use the image as a profile picture/icon or wallpaper
  • The client may print the image for personal use
  • Any other usage must be discussed beforehand
  • Claiming the artwork as their own/Removing the artist credits falls under copyright infringement
  • Commercial use has to be discussed upfront and is only permitted after a commercial fee has been paid

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